A powerful movement is growing within New Zealand and among organisations globally.
Central and local government agencies are requiring businesses that want to win work from them to put social, economic, cultural and environmental concerns at the core of their operations.  This is no longer a box-ticking exercise, but an imperative that will impact your underlying business model. 

Businesses that are unaware or unwilling to adapt to it are already missing out.
And the movement is not going away; in fact, it grows stronger every day.

The New Zealand Government has driven this mandate since 2018, with the announcement of its Wellbeing Budget.  Procurement is being used as a powerful lever to deliver broader outcomes when government acquires goods and services from the private sector.  It's now having a network effect across supply chains in certain sectors. 
How are you positioned to succeed with this movement?

The Bridge is here to help you answer this question.  We’re a specialist consultancy designed to help you navigate the New Zealand Government’s growing agenda, win more business and achieve better outcomes as a result.